Use the Telegram Bot

You can also use the Telegram Bot (@DoubleDown_Bot) to Invest & more.

As soon as you made your deposit and it has got ateast 3 confirmations on the blockchain network your deposit will be reflected in your account. You will receive the first earning of 10 % of your deposit sum automatically to your Botcoin wallet after 10 minutes. After that you will receive 20 % after 24 hours, 30% after 48 hours, 40% after 72 hours and another 50% after 96 hours. Your earnings sum up to 150% of your initial deposit and include the principal.

For Example: If you deposit 0.5 BTC you will get 0.05 BTC immediately 10 minutes after we have received and verified your deposit. And after that you receive 0.1 BTC after 24 hours, 0.15 BTC after 48 hours, 0.2 BTC after 72 hours and 0.25 BTC after 96 hours = 0.75 BTC
Just enter your Wallet ID in the Section of our Site or our Telegram bot and Click the Deposit Button for further information. Send your deposit to the unique BitCoin ID we show you.
Yes you can deposit as often as you want. All you have to do is start the deposit process again and you will receive a new BitCoin ID for your deposit.
- The minimum deposit is 0.01 Bitcoin that is roughly about 10 USD
- There is no maximum Deposit
- We accept BitCoin only
- is offering you and your friends a big opportunity to earn big on Referral Commissions

- If you refer a new investor to you will get a Referral Commission of 10 % of your Referrals Investment automatically to your Wallet as soon as the deposit of your referal is confirmed on the blockchain network
- No, we do not charge you any payment fee
- Our Team of experienced programmers has prepared a high performing anti DDoS defense
- Besides that we offer a certified Domain SSL protection for your safety
- Your Deposit is active when we have 3 verifications of your transaction
- The first Payment will take place 10 minutes after the deposit has been activated (3 confirmations needed) 
- As you send us your personal BitCoin Adress when you start the Deposit process or set it in the bot, we have your ID saved for the payment after your Deposit is generating earnings for you

- Your payout is processed automatically when you initiate a withdrawal from your balance.
- Any deposit less than the minimum deposit is considered a donation and will not be listed or processed
- Once you deposit there is no refund
- your can not withdraw the deposit.